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In Mould Labelling system


Key features and Advantages

  • Label material savings

  • Suitable for any cup geometry (vertical  or conical wall)

  • Easy label changeover

  • Superior adherence properties

  • Compact size unit


A very important aspect of packaging is cup decoration and labelling.

It is the most effective tool to accent the characteristics of a product, giving it a unique identity. From the practical point of view, it gives the consumer vital information about the product itself (ingredients, usage directions etc.). 

So far, there have been only a couple of methods to decorate a cup/container produced by a Form Fill Seal machine. One is to install a labelling machine at the exit of the FFS line, the other to have an in-line banding system which, while it is effective in applying a 360° label around the cup, limits the shapes of cups to be labelled to only straight-wall (vertical) ones. 

Alfa Machine has developed an innovative system for In Mould Labelling decoration on Form Fill Seal machines that can apply a label on vertical or conical cups, it is very effective, flexible (in terms of label changeovers), compact and cost efficient in comparison to the traditional methods. 

The available label types are suitable for adhering extremely well on virtually any cup material including polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), PET etc. 


The system was presented for the first time at the Interpack 2008 and has immediately drawn attention and very positive comments due to its unrivalled advantages and applications range. Alfa Machine has already applied for a patent protection on this innovative system (Patent Pending).