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In an effort to satisfy your individual packaging needs, Alfa Machine offers a variety of peripheral equipment. These supporting units are fully compatible with our machinery in order to expand or enhance its capabilities. The range of the offered peripherals in consisting of:

Butter Extruder (BEX):

This peripheral unit is suitable for butter/margarine factories. It is necessary when butter is not fed to the machine straight from the silos/tanks but is stored in a block form. The block of butter/margarine is thrown into the BEX which softens it and propels it to the FFS/FS machine filling unit. (read more)

In Mould Labelling (IML):

The IML application system is the latest packaging innovation by Alfa Machine. It is a compact unit that is installed in-line on an FFS machine to provide decoration of cups/containers. It offers optimum adherence strength, excellent precision while being very cost efficient. (read more)


Machines that have a medium to large production rate, often need an automatic casepacker installed at the machine exit. These units are able to pick the produced packages and place them into carton boxes at a specific arrangement. Also, an internal separation sheet can be placed in between the cup layers. Our company offers such applications to be adapted at the output conveyor of our machines. (read more)

CIP feeding Unit:

For factories that do not have a central CIP (Clean In Place) facility but need to CIP wash a filling unit, we offer a standalone solution. The compact and mobile CIP feeding unit Alfa Machine manufactures (only for filling units made by us), is able to connect and thoroughly clean a filling unit with adjustable washing cycles and total efficiency. (read more)

Ultra Clean

For products that require a modified atmosphere environment to be filled, we offer ULTRACLEAN level machines. These have a clean air (Class 100) tunnel extending from the forming up to the sealing unit, and Ultraviolet (UV) radiation units onto the packaging materials in order to ensure a clean environment. (read more)