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Due to the creative spirit and open mindness of its founders, Alfa Machine was orientated right from the start towards the development of new ideas and innovative solutions on packaging. The size and organizational structure of the company, that allows maximum flexibility in desicion making and implementation, also helped in this direction. Thus, new ideas and production methods are quickly examined, exploring all posibilities for alternative solutions. Every internal project is exhaustively researched before it is accepted for production.

FRV Series

In 1995, a breakthrough in FFS machinery is achieved. Until then, FFS machines were suitable to form only conical or vertical wall cups. Alfa Machine has presented the first machine worldwide that could produce jar shaped cups having undercuts. The basic idea is the production of a cup that has a smaller opening diameter than that of its body. Subsequently, this allowed a thread to be formed on the cup for a screw-on or a snap-on cap. The FRV series was presented in the 1996 Interpack Exhibition receiving very positive comments and reviews from the packaging world. Due to competitive environment in the packaging field we filed a patent application in 1998 which resulted to a patent awarded in 2004.(read more)

IML system

The idea for an In Mold Labelling system adapted to FFS machines is dated back to 2002. There was always a growing demand for decoration means on cups produced by FFS machinery, that was not satisfied by the existing systems. Our aim was to develop a labelling application which would offer maximum adherence and easy changeover of products, along with the capability to be appliedĀ  not only to straight walled but to conical cups as well. Moreover, this system would have to reduce the cost per label by using a cost effective material. Another guideline was to reduce the size of the system to minimum, while maximising its usability.(read more)

All those specifications were finally met and the Alfa Machine IML system was presented at the Interpack 2008 exhibition with great success.

The patent application for this invention was filed on 18 July 2008 and is now pending.