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The core subject of our technology is the designing and production of Form-Fill-Seal machinery.
Our range extends from low production machines suitable for single portions up to high output machinery appropriate for every cup shape or size. It is well known that FFS machines are characterized by their ease to use, high yield rate and the very low cost per produced cup.(read more about our Form-Fill Seal machines)

Alfa Machine, however has started its course as a Fill-Seal machine manufacturer and still produces and offers two successful FS machine models. Their operation is based on using preformed cups to fill and seal and they are simpler and less costly than FFS machines. (read more about our Fill-Seal machines)

Our filling units which are built in-house can work with any type of products whether liquid, semi-viscous, pastry etc. The quality that characterizes our products and our experienced service team, guarrantes maximum productivity and efficiency, minimizing down times and waste material volumes.

In order to support the machinery offered, Alfa Machine manufactures a variety of peripheral equipment with full compatibility and great efficiency. These are the following:

Whatever your packaging project require, we will strive to serve you promptly and effectively. Our design department works with methodologies and procedures which have been acquired through long experience in the packaging world, to bring you the most innovative, smart and realistic solutions. (read more about our Packaging Solutions)