After 40 years of continuous effort Alfa Machine is rightly considered a leading company in the field of tailor-made packaging machinery. Our best guide for the future is our past, shaped by Alfa Machine's innovative spirit, its vast experience in machine manufacturing and its personalized after-sales support.

  • 2021:

    Design and manufacture of 2 (two) completely automatic Filling Line for Traditional Yogurt. This line is designed specifically upon the specifications of the biggest dairy of Eastern Europe. The Automatic Filling Line for Traditional Yogurt can accommodate both plastic cups and clay pots.

  • 2019:

    Re-design of the In-Mould-Labelling (IML) system in order to be appropriate for both cold and hot filled products up to 92C. Successful integratation in two large scale FFS machines.

    Alfa Machine becomes the first FFS manufacturer to present the innovative version of IML system for both cold and hot filled products in the international exhibition of Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai. 

  • 2018:

    Design and manufacture of the FCM30-L1 new Linear Fill-Seal (FS) machine model appropriate for bucket filling of dairy products with inert gas flushing and Ultra-Clean hygienic environment.

    Design and manufacture of the FM30-R1 new Rotary Fill-Seal (FS) machine model appropriate for glass/ceramic containers filling of traditional dairy products with inert gas flushing and laminar flow hygienic environment.
  • 2017:

    Completion of the brand new factory and relocation of all the company departments in a modern and highly efficient working environment.
  • 2016:

    Design and manufacture of FRS-L 10/26 new FFS machine model with integrated IML for the participation in the exhibition Gulfood Manufacturing 2016.
  • 2015:

    Design and manufacture of a new series of compact and simple to use FFS machines MF-18 and MF-24 for Chipita International Group.
  • 2014:

    Design and commissioning of a large scale Ultra-Clean FCM30-L8 Fill-Seal machine with integrated Pulsed-UV systems for the decontamination of both cups and lid grommets.
  • 2013:

    Installation of a complete FFS line for yogurt packaging connected with tray packer and tray forming unit in Lactis (Russia).
  • 2012:

    Purchase of new CNC machines & 3D CAD software (PTC Creo) improving productivity.
  • 2011:

    Design of two new customized machine models with multiple filling stations of special products for Australian customers.
  • 2010:

    Successfully installed 4 large-scale FFS machines with IML system for the decoration of the cups.
  • 2008:

    After six years of strenuous research and in an effort to provide another innovation for the FFS world, Alfa Machine launched the In Mould Labelling (IML) application system during the Interpack 2008 exhibition. This was considered a breakthrough of the thermoforming machines as, till then, the IML decoration method was only used in injection moulding.
  • 2007:

    Twenty four years since Alfa Machine was founded, it was necessary that the offered machine range should be revised to meet the future packaging demands. In this context, these future needs of the company lead to the launching of the MiniForm project - in order to address to small/medium sized production volumes - and the total review of the machine range design. In addition to the above, the manufacturing methods were optimized and the company's facilities were further extended.
  • 1999:

    In that year Alfa Machine developed a Quality Assurance system according to ISO 9001 specifications, which led to obtaining the ISO 9001 Certificate in 2001. The company maintains and updates the Quality Assurance system ever since.
  • 1996:

    Another milestone in the company's evolution. As a result of the acquired technological experience in manufacturing food packaging machinery, Alfa Machine has adopted a completely new designing and manufacturing system based on a holistic approach. This, also, allowed the company to modernize its facilities and international image, which was further reinforced by the first participation in the Interpack exhibition. Since then, Alfa Machine makes its presence felt in this exhibition at a regular basis.
  • 1995:

    Driven by its innovative spirit and the market's demand for a wider range of packaging solutions, Alfa Machine has developed the FRV series. The FRV was characterized a revolution in the FFS field, since it offered special cups/containers in shapes that were previously impossible to be formed by traditional FFS machines.
  • 1989:

    Alfa Machine is making its first international appearance in packaging exhibitions in Italy, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
  • 1985:

    While the company began its course as a Fill-Seal machinery manufacturer, in late 1985 built its first thermoforming machine – a real milestone for the company in terms of its future technological and business growth. Needless to say, this machine is still operating...
  • 1983:

    Alfa Machine is founded by Dimitris and Yannis Kourtoglou as a packaging machinery manufacturing company, specialized in the food packaging sector. Kourtoglou brothers brought with them many years of experience in the food processing industry, mainly in the canning and juice production sectors. Dimitri's past employment as a mechanical engineer and Yanni's background as an electronics/electrical engineer provided the foundations of Alfa Machine's initial technological expertise.


Alfa Machine is orientated right from the start towards the development of new ideas and innovative solutions on packaging. The size and the organizational structure of the company allow maximum flexibility in the design, desicion making and implementation processes. Thus, new ideas and production methods are quickly examined, exploring all possibilities for alternative solutions. Every internal project is thoroughly researched before it is accepted for production.

FRV Series

In 1995, a breakthrough in FFS machinery is achieved. Until then, FFS machines were suitable to form only conical or vertical wall cups. Alfa Machine has presented the first machine worldwide that could produce jar shaped cups having undercuts. The basic idea is the production of a cup that has a smaller opening diameter than that of its body. Subsequently, this allowed a thread to be formed on the cup for a screw-on or a snap-on cap. The FRV series was presented in the 1996 Interpack Exhibition receiving very positive comments and reviews from the packaging world. Due to competitive environment in the packaging field we filed a patent application in 1998 which resulted in a patent awarded in 2004.

IML system

The idea for an In Mold Labeling system adapted to FFS machines is dated back to 2002. There was always a growing demand for decoration means on cups produced by FFS machinery, that was not satisfied by the existing systems. Our aim was to develop a labeling application which would offer maximum adherence and easy changeover of products, along with the capability to be applied not only to straight walled but to conical cups as well. Moreover, this system would have to reduce the cost per label by using a cost effective material. Another guideline was to reduce the size of the system to minimum, while maximizing its usability.

All those specifications were finally met and the Alfa Machine IML system was presented at the Interpack 2008 exhibition with great success.

The patent application for this invention was filed on 18 July 2008 and is now granted.

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