Developed for minimum footprint and entry level investment, these compact FFS machines offer the basic advantages of FFS technology; simple and intuitive HMI, low operating costs, simple maintenance and minimal downtime.

Suitable for semi-viscous or viscous products such as jam, jelly, honey, chocolate cream, sauces, tomato paste, dips or even butter, margarine and many more.

Key Features:

  • Quick investment payback.

  • Punching unit for single mini-portions with
    minimum waste material.

  • Maximum flexibility and user-friendly interface of HMI.

  • Easy to operate and maintain.

  • Chain free indexing for reduced maintenance and packaging trim waste minimisation.

  • Tailor-made shape of portion cups.

Production Capacity:

Packaging                  MF5000E                   MF10000E

Mini-portions*:      5,500 pcs/hour       10,000 pcs/hour

* Depending on project specifications


  • Modified atmosphere packing with inert gas flushing (under 1% residual oxygen).

Available peripherals