Developed for minimum footprint and entry level investment, these compact FFS machines offer all the advantages of FFS technology; simple and intuitive HMI, low operating costs, simple maintenance and minimal downtime.

Suitable for semi-viscous or viscous products such as jam, jelly, honey, chocolate cream, sauces, tomato paste, dips or even butter, margarine and many more.

Butter Extruder

CIP Connection Accommodation

Specially designed Filling Unit and extra equipment for C.I.P. (Clean - In - Place) connection accommodation. Servopiston driven operation of the Filling Station (automatic adjustment of dosing by the touch screen control panel).

Key Features:

  • Quick investment payback.

  • Punching unit for single cups and/or multipacks with
    minimum waste material.

  • Combination of air filters supplying clean air in the forming area (air filter, active carbon filter).

  • Advanced base and lid material tracking for individual
    print lidding, consistent sealing and cutting of each cup.

  • Maximum flexibility and user-friendly interface of HMI.

  • Easy to operate and maintain.

  • Chain free indexing for reduced maintenance and packaging trim waste minimisation.

  • Tailor-made shape of portion cups.

Production Capacity:

Packaging                        MF-18                      MF-24

Mini-portions*:        15,000 pcs/hour     21,500 pcs/hour

Large tubs*:               6,000 pcs/hour       9,000 pcs/hour

* Depending on project specifications


  • Modified atmosphere packing with inert gas flushing (under 1% residual oxygen).
  • Servo-motor driven output conveyor with stainless steel cup holds for safe and accurate transportation.