Rotary Series

The FM30-R1, FM30-R2 & FM30-R3 rotary models are compact fill-seal machines for pre-formed containers of different kinds of materials, shapes and sizes. It can be used for plastic, ceramic and glass containers up to 3 pockets, capable of working with 30 cycles/minute.

With a few easy adjustments you can change container shape/size, or even filling product, offering the flexibility to work with a wide range of containers and recipes on the same machine.

They offer high reliability with low power consumption, low maintenance costs and easy-to-use operation.

The optional Ultra-Clean hygiene level provides the benefit of extended shelf life for sensitive products, like yogurt, desserts, or fresh juice.

CIP Connection Accommodation

Specially designed Filling Unit and extra equipment for C.I.P. (Clean - In - Place) connection accommodation. Servopiston driven operation of the Filling Station (automatic adjustment of dosing through the touch screen control panel).

Key Features:

  • Easy changeover for different size containers.

  • Easy to operate and maintain.

  • Rotary table with cup holds for containers
    accurate transportation.

  • Automatic destackers and feeders for containers,
    pre-cut lids and snap-on lids.

  • Container discharge on a conveyor belt.

  • Maximum flexibility and user-friendly interface of HMI.

Production capacity:


Pockets          Maximum output*


     1                  1,800 pcs/hour


     2                  3,600 pcs/hour


     3                  5,400 pcs/hour

*Depending on project specifications


  • Ultra-Clean hygiene level equipped with:
    • Laminar flow cabinet with class 100 clean air
      overpressure consisting of:
      • Coarse dust filter (G4)
      • Fine dust filter (F9)
      • HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter H14.
  • Pulsed-UV light (up to LOG3) for containers and pre-cut lids sterilization.
  • UV-C system (up to LOG4) for lid film sterilization.
  • Modified atmosphere packing with inert gas flushing (under 1% residual oxygen).
  • Soft lidding material feeding from reel stock.
  • Mixed and multi product dosing.
  • Container feeding from a conveyor belt for
    fragile materials (i.e. glass, ceramic).
  • Integrated printer.