Linear Series

Linear Fill-Seal machines, capable of a large volume production output. Appropriate for single cups, split cups, cups with snap-on lid, small buckets and tubs, give the benefit of integrated state-of-art sterilization equipment for advanced hygiene. Suitable for semi-viscous products such as yogurt, cream, butter, jam, honey, chocolate paste, sauces and many more.

Key Features:

  • Easy changeover for different size cups.

  • Filling volume range: up to 1L.

  • Easy to operate and maintain with
    improved ergonomics.

  • Servo-motor driven chain cup conveyor
    for spill avoidance.

  • Servo technology employed in every machine station.

  • Automatic destackers and feeders for containers,
    pre-cut lids and snap-on rigid lids.

  • Refeeding of packaging materials without machine stop.

  • Container discharge on one or two conveyor belts.

  • Seal integrity check by mechanical squeezing
    or thermal treatment.

  • Maximum flexibility and user-friendly interface of HMI.

  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance provided by secure cloud technology.

Production Capacity:


Arrangement             Maximum output*


        1x4                        7,200 pcs/hour


        1x6                      10,800 pcs/hour


        1x8                      14,400 pcs/hour


        1x10                    18,000 pcs/hour

*Depending on project specifications


  • Ultra-Clean hygiene level equipped with:
    • Laminar flow cabinet with class 100 clean air
      overpressure consisting of:
      • Coarse dust filter (G4)
      • Fine dust filter (F9)
      • HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter H14.
  • UV-C system (up to LOG4) for lid film sterilization.
  • Pulsed-UV light (up to LOG3) for containers and pre-cut lids sterilization with air-cooling unit and output up to 700 J/pulse, at a frequency of 3 Hz.
    • Total DNA destruction.
    • Rapid sterilization.
    • Low heat generation with short pulse & high peak energy.
    • Free of toxic substances compared to mercury UV lamps.
  • Built-in Pick & Place Packing System
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Servomotor driven operation for accurate and easy control of the operation
    • Suction cups supported by high quality vacuum pump
    • Compact size as its built-in the Fill-Seal machine tailor-made orientation of trays and input/output conveyors.
  • Modified atmosphere packing with inert gas flushing (under 1% residual oxygen).
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) gas solution flushing system into the containers.
  • Two dosing units for two products with dynamic in-line mixers for less product waste during changeovers.
  • Extended autonomy with external cup loading buffer.
  • Integrated servo-driven traverse printer.